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The creation of this page is warranted  for two reasons. 

1) Here in the US most all of the web sites dealing with Gundam are only the Mechanical aspect of the Mobile Suit the exceptions being :

The Gundam Project, which has a vast amount of history and details on everything Gundam wise. and

Mobile Suit Gundam: High Frontier. Amazing detailed history and science of colony creation. 

When I find more I will post them in the links section.

 Do not get me wrong I enjoy the Mecha designs as much as the next guy. But here we have a series that has an incredibly detailed history. 


Why the Colonies where created?

Who is Casaval Rem Daikun and why did he choose to become Char Aznable?

What exactly are Newtypes?? 

What happened to Char and Amuro at the conclusion of Char's Counterattack?

Is Kou Uraki a Newtype? And for that matter is Anavel Gato??

Who exactly is Haman Khan?? Why does Quattro Baijina hate her??

2) I have found that most of the US web sites deal with Gundam Wing. That is all fine and well but GW is not the only Gundam series out there. And even though it is an alternate universe story it still is, in my opinion, a very weak series. Recently I posted a message to alt.anime.gundam due to the constant statements by Gundam Wing fans , not only on alt.anime.gundam but almost on every GW website , criticizing the quality and stating that neither the original MS Gundam or 0083 Stardust Memory of these series would be able to survive due to the dated Animation style.  My statement was to look at the story and NOT just the Animation, which is still kick ass in my book. It was days later that I came to the conclusion that there was no US databank or US archive of Gundam information located in one place. There is some out there but it takes hours of surfing to find and still these only have either series specific or just small amounts of information.

Universal  Century timeline.

Setting the year of war  

Outbreak of War 

 Mobile Suits in the Universal Century



ZETA Gundam series information.

Episodes 1-5      Episodes 6-11   Episodes 12-16    Episodes 17-21   Episodes 22-26   Episodes 27-30   Episodes 31-36   Episodes 37-41

Episodes 41 to 50

Go here for the Gundam 08th Symphony

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